Emilio Pucci Fall 2011 Details


Emilio Pucci Fall 2011 Details


"My greatest misfortune would be to marry into a family who would carry me as their shame as I have been required to carry my own mother. Her apparent crime to be born negro and mine to be the evidence. Since I wish to deny her no more than I wish to deny myself you will pardon me for wanting a husband who feels ‘forgiveness’ of my bloodline is both unnecessary and without grace."

Belle (2014) - Certified Fresh at 83%


Submerged Churches.

These churches from all over the world are not victims of natural disaster, they all sit in the valley of a reservoir. Many reservoirs were created in valleys with small towns or villages nestled in them, the benefit of having reservoirs always outweighed the cost in relocating a small population. In many of these settlements the religious buildings were the tallest and once the valleys were flooded they could still be seen poking out of the water in a surreal post apocalyptic manner. Lots of them still survive, making more of an appearance every time the water level drops.

Among these examples are Ladybower, Graun, Panta de Sau, Tehri and Potosi




I love that you can see the change in the times/princess depictions because the first 4 are like “WOW SHE’S GREAT LOL YA’LL SHOULD BE JEALOUS OF ME” and the second pic (including Naveen) are like “oh my god I’m so lucky I can’t even /////” and then you have Flynn and Kristoff with faces like “wow I love them a lot but I have no idea how to keep up with their ridiculous energy how do I even???”


A mechanical goldfish

Part of the Night Zine!


He still had enough perfume left to enslave the whole world if he so chose. He could walk to Versailles and have the king kiss his feet. He could write the pope a perfumed letter and reveal himself as the new Messiah. He could do all this, and more, if he wanted to. He possessed a power stronger than the power of money, or terror, or death -

the invincible power to command the love of man kind.


but where is my rose-colored campus life?!


but where is my rose-colored campus life?!



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this is the happiest thing i’ve ever seen

Ben Whishaw having a giggle during the filming of Lilting.

Ben Whishaw having a giggle during the filming of Lilting.

Fan BingBing photographed by Francesco Carrozzini 


Urban: Budapest, Hungary 2010 by Peter Zeglis